About Us
Dave Potter
Real Estate Investor, Manager, & Builder
Since 1979
My name is Dave Potter, and I am an experienced property investor, manager, and builder. I started at the age of 19, purchasing my first 3 family building in a downtrodden area of Lynn, Massachusetts. I learned how to build, remodel, manage, and sell at a profit. Since, I have bought, rehabbed and sold over 120 properties.
I am an accomplished house builder, having built over 30 single family and duplex homes and 6 larger multi family homes. I have held real estate salesman’s licenses, and currently have a Mass auctioneers license.
I was heavily involved in the condominium conversion, developing, and construction business, making several million dollars in the heydays of the mid-2000’s. My company fell under hard times when the real estate crash came, and I was caught with unsold inventory and several parcels of land.
I picked myself up after that and in the past 4 years alone, I have bought and remodeled or built, and sold over 50 properties in the Salem-Peabody-Lynn area.
I have owned and managed almost 300 apartment units in my career. I currently have a smaller rental portfolio, but I am looking to buy more rentals.
I live in Swampscott with my wife and son, and enjoy coaching youth flag football, fixing my classic Camaro, and long walks on the beach.